Friday, September 25, 2015

The Redline Has arrived.

  So after a long battle to replace my second cracked frame from Raleigh over a year ago, I finally ended up with a Redline Monocogue in it's place. I am familiar with the frame, and have no doubts in not having another Raleigh XXIX frame. When I was in CT during July I boxed it up and had sat for awhile until my brother shipped it for me. I was somewhat eager for it to arrive, to have another bike to my fleet. Once it arrived It had been damaged, only the rear brake rotor and spots on the paint, mostly due to poor packing. I took it out one morning and headed right from my house for my 20 mile ride to Little Cottonwood Quarry Trail. The bike felt heavy as I pedaled and felt like I was standing still, it's got big east coast knobby tires that are heavy and probably slowing down the wheels, but most the parts are a few years old and not as new and light as my Trek. The ride was tough, it felt like I had different gearing and was riding in sand. I had t much hard to get it up to the top of the trail. But on the descent is where that steel frame shined over Aluminum, that sweet spot of metal that is just pleasure on the trail. My other two custom made steel rigid frames were also steel so I know that feeling. I made it home and was slightly unpleased probably due to my new bikes sweetness. Still a solid fun ride on the Redine.

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