Friday, September 25, 2015

One to end the week

    Headed for a family trip, quite a filled itinerary but highlight being Disney. I managed to squeeze my 50 miles in before Friday somehow even after a long Backpack trip. I headed out to Corner Canyon, I arrived by 7:20 and realized my light would be going on much sooner than I expected. Did a nice climb and since it was dark sped down Ann's, I like how long it takes to get down in, a nice long comfy ride. Then a mini loop and I was headed back up for Corner Canyon Hollow. A run down Ghost falls and now severely missing my Serfs light that puts out 2500 Lumen vs my now old riding light that puts out maybe 500 Lumen. Riding none the less, I wonder how I have gotten by for so long on this lamp that was mostly used in CT. Really fun ride and got my last miles for my 50 for the week! Just a few more and I will be at 1,600 mountain riding miles for the year. I would LOVE to hit 2,000 as a goal but it's looking grim, but I am soon impressed with amount of riding this year.

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