Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Corner Canyon Mess

Didn't make it out of Bed Monday Morning, I as in hope for an evening ride that day. Luck was on my side and headed for Corner Canyon, upon arriving to the car lot, it was tremendously busy. Evening rides here are out of hand, it's great that a lot are riding, just not fun for me since I like the trails to myself :) It wasn't too hard to get by a few people and then the high school groups were swarming around and I headed for peace and quiet over on the far end trails. I used the trails in a way I don't think I have,using Shoreline to Maple Hollow DH, ouch that was tough, this trek rigid is massively stiff and not much fun. I need to start riding suspension again, it has been awhile. I have rarely been able to mix it up in Corner Canyon, I don't even try anymore since there is no way of spicing things up after riding it heavily the last year. Going by the construction site it was harder than ever to get by it, still unsure of what they are up to but I got by it and had a solid rest of the ride. When I got back to the lot what was easily 100+ cars was now 4, crazy.

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