Thursday, September 10, 2015

Muehler Loop

    Was off on a early Monday headed for a easy ride on my legs, the destination was Mueller Park to North Canyon. I got out of the car and turned my headlamp on and NOTHING! I continued to press and fiddle with everything I could and ended up hopeless as I was in complete darkness with still a little while for any kind of light. A car pulled up and I heard a familiar voice, I said Candice? Yea I heard back, turns out it was my friend Brent's wife and her sister in law. We talked a minute and then they went and I still stood again in the dark. I looked into the woods and decided to see how it looked, I had no idea but the thought of being idle was pissing me off more about my new light that has been problematic all year. So I went onto the trail in hope, It was hard and took some skill with the moonlight but I was able to maintain my composure. Light did come slowly and I happily had a great pedal up to the saddle and then a good ride down North Canyon. I lost 4 miles on my tracking since I screwed up on my strava so I didn't track my 20 miles but I did ride all 20 of it. Such a great morning and good ride!

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