Sunday, June 5, 2016


Well I got the down low on Geronimo trail that runs off the top of South Mountain, figured I'd climb my way up to it from National and give it a go. I attacked the mountain in the evening, a blistering 110F at 6:30pm evening! Hopping on my bike I felt the frame radiating heat, I really questioned if I should be riding. But with eagerness I chugged up the road to find it not all that bad. There was a strong breeze and that with the heat I didn't really sweat for awhile. I think it's so hot you don't get the chance to sweat like you do with humidity, it's dry as can be. I was going up Mormon scratching my head as to how I made that climb the other day, not that I desired to this day but still.... after about an hour from the car I was at the top of Geronimo. I dropped in and loved every inch of that 2 mile run down the mountain. I was hoping for something more high speed but the difficulty was there which I like. I made it the mission to link the roads once I got down to bike up the other side of Mormon. Not knowing what to expect, I was stuck with a brutal hike a bike. I mean so bad I could barely get my bike up the thing, would be an interesting ride down it for sure. One I made the ridge I happily rode over to national, still not as great of trail as people make it to be. A slow headlamp lit ride down and I was on the home stretch. Really fun night out on the bike, still looking for something different but that will have to wait till Sedona of Prescott.

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