Friday, June 17, 2016

Tuesday Raw

       Monday came and I passed on a ride, I happily helped my wife with being a test dummy for vitals practice. It's crazy how I forget how she is in Medical School! She's extremely stressed and over worked all the time, I hate to see her like this but am also glad she has 3.75 years of school left and she can be out in the field and accomplish whatever she wants to next. I on the other hand am very much enjoy each day with my kiddo, sure we have our rough moments but at the end of every day I could't live without him.
    So anywho, the trek is out of order so I climbed aboard the YT for this one and rode out at South Mountain. It's always a drastic change from rigid to Endure machine but YT does a good job making it easier. I rode up the road and tore down Javalina on what I thought would be faster but I found that the Capra is not cornering well, it constantly feels loose and I got to sort it out. Then a speedy ride back up and up Beverly Canyon and down that nice chunky section. As much as I feel 150mm is overkill it sure is nice to have it when things get really rowdy and that's why I got it right! A short stint on Desert Classic just cause and then back into Beverly Canyon. Explored two routes that actually led to some goods, a technical climb up to a ridge that offered great views of the valley and a roller coaster look and feel to the land. After an up and down I saw a very steep loose rocky trails and dropped, bout as much as I could handle without stepping off the bike and happy to clean it in the darkness. Onwards a quick route back to the car on another great section of trail. Bring on the week!

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