Monday, June 20, 2016

Gold Canyon Strikes Again

Saturday had me out the door at 5:30am to meet up with my new riding friend Chris. We met at Gold Canyon where I insisted he come and check out my favorite trail network so far. It's quite different for me to be giving someone a tour of a spot and having company in general, a nice change to have. The ride started off with sore legs, still from tues/weds Yt Capra ride, but I can pedal Gold Canyon all day. Made our way out via Cougar, then Gold Mine and a little of K trail and detour to Jodi's Dream and Transition. Things were going smooth and headed back on K trail and hopped on the technical loop. On the rock pile I had to go back and hit the line clean, walking my bike I turned to point it downhill and whammy, just every so slightly tapped a cholla. Picked up a good 3 pieces on the shoulder. It was pretty painful but I stood trying not to move much, and eventually my fellow rider came to my rescue. Pulled out the comb that I couldn't reach and had him remove them. Really painful, good thing I brought my pliers as my fingers could not remove them. Sucked so bad, but cleaned the line and we headed out of there.

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