Friday, June 3, 2016

South Mountain Showdown

      Snuckered on out after the boy went to bed nice and early for a pm ride into the dark. I chose South Mountain mainly for a mix and popularity of users for company I suppose. I headed out on a tear for sure, set personal records the beginning of the ride, it felt really really good to be riding. I still wish there was more flowy trails but Desert Classic has bits n pieces. Plan was to do 10 miles and head back. I wanted to ride a trail named Goat and the trail that followed it. As I was nearing the 10 mile mark I ran into a snake, right out in the middle of the trail chilling, another diamondback, he didn't seem very concerned by me, certainly different than last three encounters. I decided to make this the turning point and back I went. Turns out I rode the wrong direction up Goat, a rough hike a bike but man it would be nice on my YT in the right direction. A nice ridge ride from there back to Desert Classic. Threw in some other trails along the way home to rub out the monotony. Fun ride, nice to ride as the sun goes down, I should be doing this more often since school is over and the sun is the devil!

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