Friday, June 17, 2016

Mega Upgrade!

         I have pooped three spokes the last two weeks, It's becoming apparent these wheels aren't cutting it. I have been saving a little for awhile now, I decided Monday to pull the trigger on a new set of Stans Flow Ex. I rocked these good on my last bike that got totaled, they performed really well. As I was looking at wheels I forgot how expensive things get. I am amazed how well the Stans were for me when I used to have them, seeing how most wheel sets are still twice as much. Happily I pulled the trigger and had them in my hands next day. Happily they came with tape and valves so setup was very easy. With a clean swap all I needed was some sealant. Also got some other parts, the other day I was riding and was wondering why haven't I got wider bars....... So I had ordered Deity Black Label 15mm rise 787MM long 9 degree sweep and some chunky psi grips. Excited I mounted everything all up and thursday night was proving night.
      OMG the bike has transformed, so much more fun and comfy, the grips are superb, foam is light grippy and absorbing! The wheels are amazing, spinning so fast smooth and tough! bars comfy and opened up my position for breathing and leverage. Shortly into the ride I felt my camelback let loose but as I looked down it turned out it was a large puncture and that was tire sealant spraying me 5 minutes into the ride! It did eventually plug but it was struggling the entire ride. The ride was awesome, my performance felt pretty good but I can do better with worn legs.

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