Friday, June 24, 2016

    Heat wave hit Arizona, I guess they call it a heat wave, seems to me like these temperatures are quite normal for this time of year but I am guessing since it's the first blast of hot hot air they get all worked up about it. After plenty of boneheads were rescued over the weekend without water and few actually lead to their deaths, I hesitantly went out for an evening ride. I chose Usery area for some real easy cruising trails. I left the car at 111F it was definitely hotter than that, I got this stupid satellite temperature in my truck and not an actual thermometer. So rolling down the road was intense to the trail, the pavement radiating heat. My eyes were burning from the heat, pretty wild stuff. On the trail it wasn't much better but as the minutes counted down during the ride it slowly got more tolerable. I decided to see how 30 minutes went, then 60 and then looked like it was going to be a solid 90. Saw a few flashes nearby and ducked for cover under a pavilion. I read the weather and continued on as it calmed, another system further off was flashing plenty for me to watch but way off on my way back to the car.

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