Friday, June 24, 2016

San Tan Beauty

     Wednesday called for a ride, quite excited to hit the trails I aimed for a first evening ride at San Tan. I have had plenty of afternoon rides there but I was not prepared for how beautiful things were going to get. Heading from the car I pressed pretty hard up the hill, heat blazing but feeling good, had some other bikers out there, 4 on the climb alone. I picked my route in my head and was looking for usual 90 minutes and that would do me dandy. As I looped around the cliffs and mountains around me were glowing, I forget how cool the desert sometimes until it opens itself up and reminds you how scenic it can be. The cliffs grew orange and it sure was a sight to see. That really made me feel good inside, some sort of joy and set the tone for the ride. It was nothing fancy in the ride, just good simple and easy.

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