Saturday, June 11, 2016

SOMO round 2

Headed back to SOMO since my wife wants me to ride safely as she has exams in two weeks and I need to be in top shape taking care of the boy and myself so I don't screw up her first round of exams. So with little cacti and critters and risk I have chose to ride South Mountain twice now. Happy to do it anywhere with dirt so I headed out for my third night riding. Legs were a bit sore after cleaning a tough climb at the beginning of Javalina, but they loosened up as I went. I decided to clean up my loop from the other night which had me ride the road up to Beverley Canyon and ride it's entire looping around the mountain and heading off for more Desert Classic. I debated on fooling around more on the south end of the mountain but easy sometimes fun miles lay ahead on Classic so I bit into it. Absolute beautiful sunset, pictures can do the talking for me.

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