Friday, June 17, 2016

Wednesday Weakness

Headed back out on an evening and looking for something different I opted for a ride along Wild Horse. I kicked around ideas and it was the best I could come up with, I wasn't feeling all that great for this ride and it showed when I hit the trail. My body was worn from the night prior, I guess I rode pretty hard on the heavier bike. The first mile of the ride was brutal, haven't felt like that in awhile, I just chugged on and got thru it. Looking forward to some jumps and stuff I headed up the jump trail and found some really nice work. Definitely large gaps over my head but it was nice to know they were there if I ever want to work up to them. I dropped in avoiding the big jumps but hitting all the rest. The bike always feels loose but today was feeling way loose. The trail was littered in cacti, I was kissing those tubes goodbye as I rode over so many. I wondered how far out should I go with doomed tubes I had no idea how long it would hold air, time to get this thing tubeless. Pretty bland ride with nice views, can't wait to get my Trek back, I got new wheels!

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