Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hollow Goods

My son turned 1 year old today so my Mother In Law is in town and we finally have a baby sitter so I got a good window to ride Saturday morning and could not be any more excited! I wanted to crank out some pent up energy from the last few months and I had 4 hours to get as much trail as I could. I have been pondering combining my favorite trails on both sides of the hollow and I knew I was ambitious but knew 4 hours should cover it. I started off in very little light just after 6:45, I was armed with a proper Belltown and got pedaling. I hit the whole southern section of School House Brook and had a few bobbles since some intersections were extremely hard to see with all the leaves and lack of riders. Feeling pretty good I crossed the road and pedaled into Mansfield Hollow side. Did the lollipop which felt good, then I had to do the full pull so took the hard way along the lake. Then off to the soccer fields for a nice loop and then up Stoned Hill and back down and closed out the Mansfield Hollow side. I was now feeling pretty hurt since I was low on energy since I am a complete idiot and did not eat enough food, I was running on a peanut butter jelly sandwich I had at 6am so yeah 5 hours was too long to run on just a sandwich. I did not picture riding 30 miles but when I got across the road I was shy of 30 miles by 2 miles so I rode on despite lack of leg and that was only due to improper trail nutrition since I could go out and ride right now as I am typing this. I rode around and once I saw the phone hit 30 miles I packed into the car and went home pretty dang happy. When I hit the finish button it said 29.7 miles......DOhhhhhhh it robbed me of the big 30 but it was so close I think we can count it, not sure why strava lied to me but oh well. What a great ride I can't wait to get back out which should me be Monday. I may get a chance to have another big ride if I can find the miles somewhere.

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