Thursday, October 3, 2013

Little Man

I am torn on when to get Landon a Strider, he's a big kid and was walking at 9 months so I think taking to a kick bike will be no problem. I think this Christmas Mom and Dad will bring him Strider. After much research it is a crap bike but it had the lowest standover for a young kid. Once he gets older he will definitely get nicer bikes but his first I decide will be a Strider. Most kids can start 18-24 months but some as young as 12 months. Obviously they're not coasting at this age but they can throw a leg over it and walk with it between their legs until more comfortable. I can't wait to introduce him to biking, hope he takes to it but nothing is ever certain so if he likes something else so be it. Found this rad clip on mtbr, pretty cool to see the kids and how into it they are.

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