Friday, October 18, 2013

Thursday Hale Whores

Rode Thursday, enjoyed the crap out of it! I was hoping they might change the ride location but it was Hale again, no big deal since riding is riding. I took the Belltown since I was feeling brave and quickly got onto trail to pre ride before they started. Quickly I had to adjust my weight, I have learned the hard way that with this bike I need to stay back and not over the bars because I just keep falling onto the bars when a front wheel gets caught on something. I did a good 20 minutes of pre ride and showed up to the lot and waited a good 10 minutes for the rest to get ready. Then it was off onto Al's trail where it became evident that the leaves have taken over the trail. People were going left and right off the trail, I managed really well since I know Al's very well. I was finidng myself mid pack lately which is kind of nice since I must be riding better/faster. After Al's it was off to Punisher which was a whole other crap show to be had. This trail probably see less use than the previous trail and in incredibly tight and curvy. It got ugly and it was as tough as ever with no gears and wide bars. I was relieved once that was over, finally we all got moving nice after we got on some more worn trail. Off to Scoliosis which I F'n hate, then Dirty Deeds which I like since it's a straight forward climb. Then to Wiggle where I feel onto the bars as usual and then decided to lay down and go to sleep as people passed behind me, I went down so soft and was awkwardly stuck on the ground with my bike, was nice to go down soft and not hurt the next day. This was a great ride, I felt pretty good and was still looking for more. I plan to ride tomorrow morning and I think I have about 4 hours of ride time so I am off to The hollow to put down some 20-30 miles. Wish me luck. I still feel like 4 hours is minimum for some other big rides I want to do but family is coming over at 12 to celebrate mine and Landon's birthdays.

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