Friday, October 11, 2013


Just itching to ride finally I anxiously watched the radar and the 50% chance of rain and realized by 4pm I was in the clear. Set off into the woods 10 minutes to six and pre rode my way into the parking lot. There was a bit of waiting around, probably 20 minutes or so which is always kind a bummer, one rider was arriving late and then had to get all ready. I would have like to have gone and rode more trail while we all watched but I did not know how long it would be so I was kind of frustrated as I sat doing nothing with my first ride of the week. We did get cranking eventually and rolled out quick, I was feeling pretty good but having trouble with the land mines. Land mines are the little rocks under the leaves you can't see, when you have no suspension those suckers throw your game off, no big deal though wasn't stopping me other than occasional shot from the seat. It was pretty warm out, I said it once and I will say it again, this Fall has been nothing but stellar. Trails were tough to see in the lights, lots of riders were falling victim including myself. There was a mechanical of a chain popping off which turned out to be a lengthy ordeal and it canceled plans for the ridge and sent us to the most hated trail of mine Scoliosis. I swear every time I want to just cut the section out and wait for them but I man up anyway for disappointment every time. With that over it was up Dirty Deeds and with no luck convincing anyone to ride more they ended in the lot. This is a great group of guys and I enjoy riding with them but I wish a lot of the time I was riding solo. Given this time of year and my situation right now I have no choice with the darkness but I am very thankful for them welcoming me on their rides. So I was a little worked up on how much more riding we could of done so I decided to brave the darkness and ride Al's. At times it was spooky and that was only cause my mind was coming up with stuff, why is that? But I noticed with the leaves down I could see so much further and it felt less creeper. So I put in another 30 minutes of trail and was pretty pumped at my decision. I decided I am going to night ride tonight as long as it permits, might take my dog for company we shall see. I am obsessed with biking, I guess other than my family it is all I really have and enjoy it so much. Happy riding. Oh yeah, my Mother in law comes to town next week and if weather and thing work in my way I should able to get out on some bigger rides since she can babysit!. The way I look at it I can get two rides while she is here and they can extend over two hours. Lets hope things work out in my favor. Is it December yet? Stupid GPS failed again.......

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