Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thursday Hunger

Well remember my last post on how I did not think Thursday night ride was going to happen, WELL IT DID! Earlier that day I walked the trails in Mansfield Hollow to get a solid loop on foot to follow on a bike one day. The weather has been absolutely incredible I am loving it. Anyway I was all geared up and ready to go at last minute notice if my wife was going to have to be at school that night and when she told me she did not have to go I was already running down the stairs to hit the trail. It was then my phone buzzed and a text came in saying they were riding Crandalls. Oh boy, I had 5 minutes to make their ride but they do usually run 10-15 minutes late. So I gathered into the vehicle and headed that way. Pretty happy to see they had not started yet when I arrived to the parking area. I Got started and I was so happy to be on my bike, I had been itching to ride all week, at that moment I felt good, but shortly my weak legs would tell me otherwise. It is funny how riding once a week has changed my body, I no longer have the efficiency ready at any moments notice or the stamina I once had. Since I was passing riders I normally ride behind it could also have to do with my good spirits and desire to shred! I guess the fact that all these guys are Hale whores worked in my favor as well, most rode Crandalls twice if that. I was armed with the Raleigh cause I was in no mood to crash the new bike again due to lights and leaves. Reached the far side and made a comment to Pat on why the heck does he not carry tubes or pump? I guess he is too bad ass, one minute later he walked out on a flat tire. I asked him in the parking lot if he would being his gear next ride, he said no, Oh well. It was hard as heck to see through the leaves, darkness set in and I found myself leading the ride strangely, having lights behind you are not a favorable thing, I am not use to it and it was distracting. We ran into John who was riding solo and he tagged along for Zag and soon caught a massive stick to end his ride in a deraileur death. The descent down new trail JnJ was switch backed for maximum trail length and found myself dizzied at the end but did enjoy happily. We climbed back up and then down red and then a quick pedal to the lot. Mighty good ride, I definitely did not want to stop riding like most nights, but my legs were cooked, I hate that feeling cause I know they are far more capable. I am amazed at how much endurance I lost in the last few weeks but oh well, riding is riding! I am writing this entry early since I have been up since 5:30am as my kid roams around, teething has him all pissed off and he does not feel well so his sleep is being affected. That means he will go down for a solid morning nap which means Dad goes out for solid morning ride I hope. Gps failed sorry Fall Wednesday walk, Bolton Notch, love this place

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