Monday, October 14, 2013

Saturday Haled

I was hoping to ride but knew it was up in the air, I got the go ahead by 8am as I put the baby down to sleep way earlier than usual for his first nap. I was on short time so 90 minutes and Hale was required, so I got out tearing into Hale. I was on the Belltown and it was feeling good, still feel like the zees are very unimpressive but they do work well. Was an absolute perfect morning, I was in awe with the nature, as hippy as that sounds. I have not rode in the morning in a long time and realize it's probably my favorite time to ride, looks like I kind of missed fall as the trails were smothered with leaved, made a few bobble on my way down to Rufus Brook. I was riding as hard as I could just about, with never knowing when the next ride will be I want to keep my endurance up. I did a pretty sweet loop and was home in time to start my Landon duties as my wife prepares for her exam. Nappy hale at EveryTrail
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