Saturday, February 7, 2015

Corner Canyon Nighty Ridey

      Lucky me snuck out on a warm evening ride Wednesday night and what a delight in shorts and t shirt. I was looking to see what else might be ridable since I have kind of wore out rattler and shoreline so I chugged up and made a run for potato hill and pop went a spoke and then another, two snapped while climbing, thanks Shimano blade spokes you suck! I was pleasantly surprised to find outstanding conditions and made a nice loop around potato hill. Somewhere around the top I ran into a victim, likely a Mountain Lion or coyote but all that was left was a leg in the middle of the trail. A creepy reminder of the critters that lurk in the distance, but I find it hard to believe they would bother anyone with 1800 lumens on their head. Once Potato hill was conquered it was off to see how Canyon Hollow was looking and it got sloppy after a little bit so I detoured to Ghost Falls and had a tough climp up the the falls but earned. Then I shredded hard down Rattler and found myself ranked 9th out of 1,019 and that was in the dark, impressed myself for sure. The over to the Quail trail and a spin down to the car. Solid ride and look forward to more opening up.

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