Saturday, February 21, 2015

Thursday night Double

       Well it was another warm satisfying night and what better to do than put the boy down to sleep and head out on some wheels and into the night. Heading to the garage I got the bike off the hook and and set her down upright and bam tire is flat and that awful feeling of rim on the handlebars. Knowing just what to do I ran my finger through the tire to look for a pokey and no findy so I grabbed a new tube for now and threw it in and off I went. Climbing up the canyon I was going to repeat a previous ride someone did that day that looked good on strava. So I was cranking hard up Clarks and feeling really good and then the front  end felt fishy, oh pedal on and maybe it was a soft spot. Ok it definitely does not feel right, I stop and feel the tire and it's going soft, grrrrrrrr. Position my headlamp so I can patch the tube and get my stuff out of the pack in light was tough, I was frustrated with having to do this now but to be honest I have had a good run since my last mechanical. I set the patch up and wonder how these things ever work, I had one extra patch and a little glue and hoped the first would hold. I took an extensive look into the tire and found a pokey on the exterior of the tire that must have just barely poked through enough to miss my interior search. Ok pump it up and see if she holds, as I climbed with fingers crossed I did not seem to be losing any air, yessss!
       Still very nervous but ambitious I decided at the top to head for eagle crest. A smooth event over to there through a little tiny bit of road sludge and I was off on a delightful cruise around the houses and headed for maple hollow downhill. I forgot just how awesome heading down that trail is, dark made it interesting and fun and it was over too soon as I hit anns trail. From then I realized I was not going to be getting a potato hill loop with my loss in time and that was fine cause I had plenty of ride left. Took anns all the way back to the summit and dropped down ghost falls and then down rattler. Oh by the way did I mention I was riding gloveless? It was 50 degrees at 10pm and I was in shorts and jersey. I was relived to get to the car without any more tire leaks, what a night!

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