Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Friday warm up

       Who would have though it could get any warmer right, well it did hit 68F in my car was we were coming back from a trip to Wyoming to buy Powerball tickets. It was a long way to go just for lottery but it's what LuAnn wanted to do so all three of us had a beautiful drive along the countryside. On our way back my lovely lady informed me I could go on a ride and I took her right up on that! I was nervous about limping on a wheel with two less spokes but eager to ride I would brave the risk. Decided to try my luck over on Ann's and so I headed out and hit a piece of shoreline I always bypass and found it pleasant and I guess time to put back in when I head over that way. Going up Ann's was incredible, so dry and so warm and toasty and best of all so good to be out riding the bike. I have done a lot of night rides lately and it was nice to be in daylight I must say. Once I reached the Oak hollow trailhead I found snow and some slick spots but very very little and then it was back to dry to Potato Hill. I was not planning on continuing anns but saw a rider go for it so I did the same. Then a run down Rush and headed for the car and a big old smile was put on my face!

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