Thursday, February 12, 2015

Monday Mash Up

       Still warm and still got a working bike so this guy charged up the light and set off for a good way to start the week with a night ride. As I was driving I was thinking of maybe a way I can mix up starting point so I parked at a different trailhead that would have a bland start but exciting downhill. Cranking up the dirt road I did not even need my light, I saw no moon with cloudy skies but somehow the trail was illuminated as I headed towards corner canyon. The idea was to see how Ann's was going with the warm up, so up potato hill I went and through the tunnel and found great trail conditions all the way to the top. Flipping the shock on for the downhill was exciting as I shredded down into the city lights on a warm February night.  I backed off the steam since the bike was still limping with two broken spokes and had a bit of a hobble. Once I reached Mike Weir Drive I did the unusual which was dipping into the golf course on the Shoreline Trail which I usually bypass. Confused as what to do with Canyon Hollow with time in all I made a climb to Rattler in a different way and then had a good rip down Rattler and a quick climb up to Orson Smith trail and a good ride down to the car. Fast rid for sure and plenty of steam in the tank but two hours was a good Monday night dose.

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