Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Eagle of monday

As usual I found myself waking to a 5am alarm for a piece of morning ride bliss. I heard Eagle Mountain was dry and I was looking to mix it up since corner canyon is getting old. I have been to eagle mountain bike park just once before and found it petty cool, it's a small area of riding but lots of jumps and wood features. I guess there were so many other rides I was thinking about this summer that I had not ventured out west but was glad I did. Drive time was 45 minutes which was doable and found my way over to the trailhead by way pf phone gps. Getting out I climbed up a path and passed all the fun dirt jumps, slope style course and pump track in hopes of hitting it on the way back. Began to gain some elevation on a steep road going up the hill. Once I crested the mini 500ft mountain I rode a "ridge line" and began to search for the trail known as Flintstone. It was killing me trying to navigate the roads and starve looking for my trail but I did find it. Dropping in I really could have used a bigger tool for the trail but 130mm got me down just fine. I had to bypass quite a few hits due to rock garden landings. Coming to the end I was pretty unimpressed by the trail and was looking forward to the bike park end of things. I found the next trail named the farm, was pretty bland seeing how a moto tore it off and soft and slow going but still a good ride. Then it was off for a hunt for a trail named the shooting gallery, despite two attempts to locate the trail I failed and ended up with a bike on my back hiking up a steep loose mountain due to my lack of recon. Felt more like an adventure hiking up a steep hillside looking for a trial but I found the dirt road and would make my way back to the bike park. Took something from to top and hit a bunch of man made obstacles and had a good ride down. I did not have enough time to hit the slope style course but look forward to it next visit. Pretty wimpy 10 mile ride but did the trick.

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