Monday, February 23, 2015

Saturday DH runs

        It was off for an early morning ride that started on a chilly morning but nothing I could not handle. The plan was ambitious for a climb up Jacobs Ladder and then a run down Maple Hollow Downhill trail. Climbing up Clarks was pretty bland and reaching the summit there began the hint of blue sky that the sun would was slowly rising. Climbing the road was going good and legs were strong as I noticed a few lights behind me growing closer. As I reached the top they closed in on me and went by in their cute matching uniforms, honestly I find cross country racers and their uniforms distasteful, one for being a grown man in a leotard, and two for being into biking for the wrong reasons. I let those weeners go by as I took in the scene and the moment and then dropped into a good run. Then began my way out to Eagle Crest and then dropped down Maple Hollow and as usual wish I had a larger travel bike. Got down in one piece and took the road to bypass more climbing and time I did not have. I am shocked to see my loops was only 15 miles and short on altitude, I think strava robbed me somewhere.

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