Monday, March 2, 2015

Bad Tuesday

With a few days rest on the leggers the plan was a Tuesday ride while my boy was in sensory class. After dropping him off I anxiously headed for the the trails and off I went on a cool beautiful Utah morning. Went up the fire break trail and made my onto black ridge and pop! Look down and something was not right, take a look around and there it is, a gaping mass of space in the seat tube. Agghhhhhh I was so mad I kicked the bike, I am so tired of cracking these damn things I was pissed and acting like a child but the reality on the long walk back to the car was it was a good thing it happened when I was climbing. I had seen a tanuki snapped at a bike shop two years ago and wondered if I would ever meet that doom and figured I would, but I made it pretty far. Now who knows what Kona will do with the warranty, I am the original owner etc and should be interesting how this all goes down. Pretty bummed to be out of bikes but the custom frame would be arriving soon and I might be two weeks off the bike. I have had a good run so far in 2015 and two or so weeks off is not a life ender. I hope this bike can get resolved quick and effectively since I am not in the position to invest in parts and bikes right now fingers crossed Kona takes good care of me.

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