Sunday, March 29, 2015


     So relieved when my wife said i did not have to go out massively early for my Saturday ride, and thank goodness cause we were up till 12:30am watching Interstellar. Still groggy allergy filled tired eyes opened at 7am and I popped out of bed and off I went. I was driving North left with the decision to ride some Boblsed or go up to Park City. I chose Park City of course and headed for the Glenwild Trails and Bobs Basin. I have fond memories to my first rides in Park City here, also a few with my lovely wife. It's a worn in trail system that's pretty good, a lot chunkier than I remember. I knew some trails were closed earlier in the week and maybe they would be open so I started my ride out to Cobblestone area. Climbing was nice and easy and my legs were unaffected from the rides prior to this one. 
     It was a bit chilly on the beginning but as soon as I popped over the hill I had the glorious sun warming my bones. It was a really really nice day, birds chirping and I was feeling good. I had to do an out and back on the the trail I rode in on since cobblestone was closed. No big deal as I climbed back up and onto fresh trial. I continued up the switchbacks and then back down and over to Bobs basin. On the downhill the tire went very very low, I have no clue why since I run high pressure maybe it burped I dunno but after filling it with air it never lost air again. Pretty straight forward ride up fink again and headed for the car on a fun run back!

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