Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Morning

      Landon was off to school in the morning and after I dropped him off I headed to the Herriman trials for a ripper. The legs were a bit dead being two weeks off the bike and last nights single speeding. But I was pressing on and had 90 minutes to turn cranks. The trails are definitely chunky out there, I was getting jarred around but nothing some more bike riding can't fix. Conditions were great as I passed some snow patches and frozen ground and cleared the fire break trail with ease. The off to Black Ridge it was all standard and passed by the spot were the kona bit the dust, felt too familiar of that day as I rode by. My legs were drained but pressed on for the last loop and hit the car and saw that I made some serious time on this ride. I guess I can squeeze more miles with my time on this hot rod.

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