Saturday, March 21, 2015

      I was not crazy about waking up at 4:50am after falling asleep around 12:30am but oh well I wanted to ride no one forced me to. I was out the door quickly since I wanted to head a little north to get a run on shoreline. The real gem for me is after Dry Creek the trail gets good but otherwise the ride is pretty bland. None the less its a ride thats dear to my heart and enjoy it every time. It was dark at 5:30am as I got going, but the air was warm and I was feeling somewhat good. I decided to take a trail around red butte gardens I have not taken in some time, mostly cause it's a stiff climb but I walked a little this time without gears and all but enjoyed adding it to the mix. As i was strolling along in the dark I saw a person, he was standing in place as he lit up in my light and had a real spooky blank look on his face, it really freaked me out and honestly as I rode past I was prepared for him to stop me and possibly assault me, thats how strange this dude was looking. Luckily he never moved as he stared me down and I kept looking back for the next few miles in creepy zombie mode I put myself in. It was not pleasurable as I climbed up Dry Creek remembering that guy who kidnapped the Smart girl use to live there. I had no company to be found this morning, I was the only one out in desperation getting the trails to myself. I was pretty bummed as it was so dark as I made it to Bobsled, the light was running until I was done and making my way through the neighborhood. It was a straight forward crank from there, and hit the car at a perfect two hour ride and called it good.

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