Sunday, March 29, 2015


            Got down to business riding my bike when I could and that turned out to be Tuesday. I set off in the daylight and was so happy to be out there. With all of corner canyon open and a fresh rain the day before the dirt was oh so prime and good. I was hammering out there and feeling good so I decided to put the gas pedal down and really tore down Ghost Falls. It felt really good to push myself and the bike, I am pretty reserved usually and forget how much skill I actually have. This ride was good, climbing Clarks and Canyon Hollow was familiar but refreshing. Loving the bike so much, but so fearful I will break it, I really need to come up with another 500$ so I can buy a Kona Unit that will carry frame and for warranty.....I wish it was't like this but sadly I have broken a frame every year for the last 5 years.....

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