Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My oh My

         The new frame is mounted up and the stars aligned when the bike shop hooked me up and had it rolling same day I brought them all my parts, big thanks to John at Bingham Cycles in Sandy Utah! I could not believe after the drama with my full suspension bike being completely ready but a missing adapter for the rear brake allowing me not to ride it. Driving home I had an insane amount of excitement to ride it that evening. It was a warm toasty day and the alpenglow was rocking out and after I gave the boy a bath and sent him to bed, papa went out!
       As I unloaded the bike and got going on dirt road I remember why I love these things, no bob as I pedal, no gears to fiddle with just pure in sync with the bicycle. The bike felt absolutely fantastic, I wish I could describe in technical detail the aspects of the bike but all I can say is it rips! I had a few personal records and I was way off the gas, what a difference.

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