Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Browns Ranch

Woke up early on Saturday to hit a new spot before my wife starts med school and things might get harder to get out. It was an early 4:30am awake after 3.5 hours of sleep but I was stoked and ready to go as ever. The drive was mostly in the dark that morning but as light grew so did the wonderful desert. Phoenix valley is very flat, but we are surrounded by actual impressive mountains. I was number 5 car as I waited in line for the gate to open, as it opened remotely I was impressed. I set off on a perimeter loop and add in whatever I could in between. The place is a huge web of trails, picture a circle with many webs in between. It was a fast spin up a little hill filled with fluffy bunnys and the silhouette of the sun rise. The sun did take along time to rise as I rode on Whiskey Bottle. The trail was as buff and easy pedaling as I had read. By the time I reached 125th st the sun was just showing and warmed me up instantly. The landscapes are very different between riding locations. so far Gold Canyon definitely the most scenic with it's flowers. This place had awesome patched of Yucaa, a funky stalk growing out of a spikey ball of white flowers. Riding 125th st was pretty bland, it went on for awhile and didn't ever do too much. Once I arrived on Hawksnest I was finally reaching some climbing but still very very mild. I was kind of regretting my effort for this mornings ride since it was so bland. But when I reached a section of Hawksnest it was resolved in fun fast swoopy trail. I later connected with a trail named Cone Moutain, that was a sweet trail completely different from anything ridden that morning. I wanted to hit Browns Mountain but I was lazy and took the easier route. I was surprised to find my legs caught off guard and my butt more sore from all the sitting down and spinning, reminds me of when I use to dabble with my road bike. A few more trails and I was heading home with a smile on my face. I liked this place and need to give it another go adding more difficult trails not that there are any but another taste would settle if I would make the drive worth it and not go somewhere else.

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