Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cross Training?

      My Wife's had her first week in Medical school so I stepped of the bike ride gas pedal and waited patiently til Saturday. Landon had his first day back in school on Wednesday and I was to remain nearby and on call if an occasion did arise where he needed me. I was anxious for some excercise since winter weight get harder and harder to fight every year. I got on the bike and hit the paved trails nearby. I have a nice stretch right down the road that I would venture on. It was a bit frustrating with just one high gear to work with but I did make it work. I kept riding and found myself heading for the nature preserve. Once I entered the nature preserve it was wide and mellow but was on dirt! The area was very scenic, lot's of bunnies and people enjoying the day. It was obviously the highlight on this ride as I headed back along mostly paved running pathways along the water canal. After an hour I found my legs sore from so much sitting and spinning, some sort of cross training I suppose.

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