Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Linking trails SNAKE!

        It's Monday and I had sore legs from a good week riding but as usual my son went off to school and I Wanted to get out and explore two trails in between two places I have rode so I did some intel. The two trails were name Wild Horse and Pass Mountain Trail to Bulldog. I found a nice place to park right in between them and started on the west side of the road for Wild Horse. A narrow short climb and I was on my way on a really fun twisty trail. I heard the infamous rattle and my heart stopped, I located it to me left and behind me as I came to a stop realizing I just passed a rattler. It's a terrible feeling when your body gives that reaction, the feeling on certain fear. The Diamondback was coiled up 20 ft behind me and I muttered some curse words for the snake but at the end of the day I'm on his turf it certainly has more right to be there. I snapped a pic and off I went hoping to never see another rattle snake again but we all know there will only be more encounters and hopefully far from me! I pedaled on in complete chaos as every turn hid a snake and every stick moved. It was frustrating but I slowly got over it but the entire ride I was fearful. The trail split and I took the jump line trail, a series of funky little gaps and jumps, a nice change since I have been wanting something like this for some time. They were on the small side but enough to get me airborne on me bike. Ran into a rider who turns out to be Cooper and we talked a minute and he telling me how this was his first time on this as well, we hit a jump and I was off. It was a fast ride down to the connector with Twisted Sister, a trail I rode the last week. Part of me wanted to keep going but I had to turn around. I did a little exploring and found a slightly larger jump line that needed some love and then apparently a side trail that allows you to ride up next to first jump line. I got back to the car and had not much time but made a go up Maricopa Trail to connect to Bulldog. Turns out Bulldog was not visible off the trail, maybe it was no more so I rode up Pass Mountain to get a nice view and turn around and head back. Nice ride can't wait for more!

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