Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pass Mountain You Gem!

Dropped the kiddo off per the normal and picked a spot to get my endure bike out proper. Headed for Pass Mountain which would be a nice change since bringing my rigid there last time. Pass Mountain is absolutely stunning ride, half of it it spent on gradual wide path and then it narrows into wonderful twisty narrow climb. So far this is the best ride I have found in the valley, it's nasty and technical as you climb towards the pass the last mile. Pedal strikes were common in this ride, sucking out my confidence while trying to pedal between nailing rocks. The YT Capras bottom bracket is low, I am really not liking that about it. I nailed down a good run down the pass and had a blast doing it. Still need more practice on the bike and trail but it's nice having it after doing it on the rigid a few weeks ago.

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