Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gold Canyon Goodies

     A proper loop was in order and fresh legs looking to turn had me headed for Gold Canyon Monday afternoon after dropping the kiddo off at his school. Pretty lucky to have some afternoons to ride while he is in school, I could probably be more productive with my time and not ride but I am a addict, fully consumed I guess. I started off headed for Cougar and then onto Lost Gold Mine for a familiar crank. Then onto K trail for a good run, forgot how it has a few spots to let loosen some technical and ups and downs. I love this trail system, little less DH than I'd like but a funs place to spin with some technical. A short spin off of a really sweet trail named Jodi's Dream, one I frequent. The goal was to hit Quartz ridge to see how it was, when I made my way finally there after pulling a lot of cactus off my whole it was a nice climb with hard switchbacks, once reaching the ridge it was a sweet ride, some easily pedaled and some hiked due to tough technical ups. Worth the pedal but not sure i'd frequent it much.

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