Sunday, April 17, 2016

Golds Calling

      LuAnn has a mellow Friday school schedule so I ran out in the morning out the door before 5am, I know massively early but I didn't mind. I had enough light to see in front of me as I cautiously remembered my run in with snakes recently and was realizing I was very fearful of another encounter. Every stick or root was some kind of snake in the lack of light and a few times my heart stopped. It was nice and cool out, I am loving this weather before things get nasty. I rode Lost Gold Mine almost all the way out before I realized I missed a critical turn off. The ride along the foothills with the sun rising was absolutely stunning. Just how I like my mornings to start! A speedy and speed inducing run along Don't Fence Me In and connected a few others and this time had time to include Technical off of the K trail. It did have a few good spots and my 29er ate them up with ease. I must say I was hoping for more but the terrain can only allow so much. I headed for Quartz ridge which is about the last trail I have not rode. Started my climb and look down and sucked up 3 pieces of cacti into the front wheel. I instantly pooped my pants and headed for the car as fast as I could.
     I have ran over a few pieces in the last weeks and found that the needles I have rode over were so fine that it took days to lose sufficient air. But this was a big hit, I removed them and they left made needles in my tire so I had to run in case I lost air fast and low on time for trail repairs. I reached the car just fine with plenty of air so next go I will hit Quartz Ridge!

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