Sunday, April 10, 2016

Taste O McDowell

    Anxiously awaiting Saturday we had a smooth week as LuAnn tore up her first week in Medical School, we are so proud of her! Can't wait for her to be rewarded proper of all her achievements as she receives her education. I was off Saturday morning despite a vomiting toddler in the house, he got sick on Friday afternoon and threw up another time shortly after bed. Figured I was in for a long night and did awake 4am to another lovely mess and cleaned the area up and him and he was back to bed and I was off for a hour drive to a popular ride spot by Fountain Hills. Excited to ride I had my route planned and off I went. The trail started off wide, crushed granite and boring. It stayed that way for a good 30 minutes and I was frustrated, why are these last two places rated so well? lacking technical and climbs on my route I saw a route off of the Pemberton loop trail and went for it. Glad I did cause things went to single track and mildy different on Dixie Mine and Coachwhip. To McDowells defense there are many many trails and my loop was popularity based. I was Back on Pemberton and had to pin it to make it around the loop safely. The trail did narrow a bit and got flowy on a very very comfortable climb to the far end.
    There were a few side trails I wanted to venture but they would have to wait another day. The ride back was ok, flat but slightly downhill. It was pretty dang boring to be honest, I then made a turn on Scenic trail and rated black I expected something better. I was in luck, this trail had a little climb and offered up some great views and a few rocks as it wove up the gentle ridge lines. It was over too soon as I was pedaling to the truck, disappointed a little in trail difficulty but happy to be out on one heck of a beautiful desert morning.

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