Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tuesday Gold Canyon

      Sweet weather we are having over here in Phoenix, another good ride out on the Gold Canyon network. Dropped the kiddo at school and off I went with my bike looking for a good time. As tires hit the trail the snake fear was kicking in pretty heavy as usual, it was almost 2pm and they like to come out later in the day so I was on the lookout as usual. I took a ride up Horse trail and entered into the far north end of the park pretty quickly as I found myself on Don't Fence Me In. Feeling pretty quick and well until I felt this sharp needle on the backside of my leg, something landed in my shorts be it bug or cacti. I felt a familiar sting as it began to resonate and I started frantically slapping the back side of my shorts. Sure felt like a bee sting I was saying to myself, a minute later the sting still resonating as I was riding and sure enough definitely a bee sting. A mile bee sting I might ad since my last few Northeastern Wasp bites. I was annoyed but went on my way happy to have not been stung in the face like that one time a few years back that sent me to the hospital. I rode out to Lost Gold Mine and then onwards to Cougar and then I began to lose front tire pressure. I lost it pretty fast and had to pull over to not be able to find the culprit in my tire casing. I was almost done with the ride at my 90 minute mark and got out of there with plenty of time to pick up me boy. I stopped at my new bike shop Two Wheel Jones and got myself a Bontrager Tubeless setup. Pretty crafty simple setup Bontrager has put together, from what I have read it's one of the best on the market. It was a quick setup and my new Maxxis Ardent 2.4 front and rear look good and are ready for action!

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