Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gold Canyon Puncture Testing

      Mighty good start to the week, the kiddo is in good health and back to normal and pops has just a few weeks remaining for those easy while Landon is in school rides. I'm lucky to have 4 riding locations within a half hour, but am slightly starting to get bored and really miss my Utah trails, especially ripping Corner Canyon. Phoenix valley trails are very loose at all times, there is no dirt to offer traction, I miss climbing in the shady green trails up in the mountains desperately. With that said I enjoy Arizona but am yearning for home, just another 4-5 years left :(
     I headed out for Gold Canyon with wonky legs and excitement to ride. As I rode in I opted for two trails I have not visited since my first ride at the trails. Holly Hill and Gila Monster were pretty fun, but find myself still loving the K Trail and Jodi's dream quite a bit. Found myself with some extra time and went to check out some trail I have not explored. Turned out to be some dirt roads that lead to single track for juts a little, littered in cactus I rode over them reluctantly as my new tubeless setup should do it's job. Luckily it did hold in there and so far so good. I managed to break a spoke at some point but no harm this wheel set has been bulletproof.
      I realized I haven't been pushing hard lately, I think my mind is too focused on snakes, kinda sucky but I really do fear them but no choice but to ride on and count down the days to a Utah visit in June.

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