Monday, May 16, 2016

Browns Ranch El Diablo

     Been hearing buzz about this new tech trail at Browns Ranch named El Diablo, I desperately wanted some new trails and this was the perfect excuse to wake up at 4am. Arriving after an hour drive had anxious on my legs as the sun was not up this was the first day in a while I rode early enough to avoid it, it was not missed. It was a nice easy pedal out to Cholla Mountain where the trail got a little exciting and then it was on to El Diablo after a mix of easy navigating with Trailforks, Something I could not do without since I'm always pressed on time.
    Well El Diablo started off pretty tame as it winded up and down on some nice single track, then a few rocks, a few big rocks, and mostly easy pedaling and no problem for the Superbly SS to eat up. I followed all the more difficult signs obviously and cleaned the entire trail minus one awkward narrow climb up loose granite. Pretty good stuff, I have ridden browns only once before and it's fast and tame, this was indeed a good addition for the lucky nearby locals.
    On the way back I was anxious to hit Granite Mountain, something I avoided last time with lazy legs, it was a heavy climb, I felt like the pitch was more than capable for me but I found myself near stalling on my one gear having to put all my upper body into the climb and gave up. A good workout to push next time for sure but I put out all i felt like. I wasn't far from the top and once I peaked I had an absolute great view of the preserve. I saw the trail in front of me and found it surprisingly inviting! Fun turns and some speed down the mountain I am so so glad I rode it. Again short on time since LuAnn had a CPR course at 9am and I was home by 7:45 with ease. Good week riding, absolutely great but drooling to get to Sedona and Prescott if I ever will.

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