Sunday, May 8, 2016

Saturday Sneaky

   Wasn't expecting a nap for the kiddo but after realizing we'd be out late that evening I went into his room and by 1 he was asleep. It just so happened that my wife was asleep too, anxious to enjoy the cool cloudy rare day here in Arizona I jumped in the truck and grabbed the bike. I wanted to be close and quick since we were going on an off roading adventure later that day. I went for Pass Mountain area, they have a network that connects to that lovely Pass Mountain loop I ride.
    The trails were very fast, I found just a tiny climb around a few knobs but other than that it was a delightful fast spin. Another great place to take the kid once his skills are ready. He does't ride his bike at all, like most things he makes them extremely difficult so I am just waiting. Fun little place to kick off some easy miles, so glad I got out since I could't get myself out of bed for that 4:40am alarm. Three more weeks of school for Landon then my riding will turn to night riding I guess, not really looking forward to that but I guess it will be so hot I have no choice. Back at it Monday can't wait!

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