Thursday, May 19, 2016

Usery Rippa

     Was itching to ride, so I got out on an evening ride, might I say it is absolutely awesome to ride without the sun beating you down. I started by 6:15 and had my headlamp for when it got dark. I had 20 miles in mind and that should have been easy given the riding location is pretty mellow. I went up Cat Peak and onto Pass Mountain. I have ridden up this trail two other times and it gets real good towards the intersection with Maricopa. I had to trail to myself which was fantastic, a nice evening with clouds and thunderstorms in the background and 2 hours to spare I was a happy guy. I reached the turnaround with the Maricopa trail and had a really fun flowy ride down back into the network, felt really good to let looses and push the limits of traction and speed. Finally I got a decent descent. I have been missing this since in Utah, big climbs and long descents. Not that this was very long but was the most fun descent I have done in some bit, I guess it showed as strava rewarded me.
    I then entered the network and made bounced all around, ran low on time and miss just one tiny stretch other than that I rode the entire web. Fun and fast, just what I wanted, so happy to be out of the sun and riding.

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