Monday, May 23, 2016

McDowells O Awesome

        Got out on an early Saturday for an anxious treat to the north. It's almost an hour drive to get there and I was the first one there promptly by 6am. With plenty of morning light I headed out to ride the competition loops. I started with the long loop, a pretty uneventful but nice ride 7 miles up and down valleys and washes. Then it was on to the sport loop, this one was more fun as the halfway mark opens up to some berms and twists and turns. Still nothing to catch air on but pretty fun for the first time around. The onto the technical loop but not so technical at all for that name! A brisk tough climb and then a drop down the back side for a trail similar to Sport loop. With some time to spare but not enough for what I wanted, I headed over to ride scenic, really like that trail. Pretty easy ride, definitely a skinny area as most are. Still plenty to ride on the next visit there.

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