Tuesday, May 10, 2016

San Tan Buffer

Landon now rides the bus! He asked for it, he got it, my little guy is doing so good, it really is amazing to be with him each and every day. He leaves a little earlier for school now so I get an extra bit of time which is always good since I am always on time and plan to keep it that way. I headed for San Tan reluctantly, it's not really my favorite place to ride but it's among 4 nearby so it will do just fine. I rode at a comfy pace, no need for anything drastic, got baked by the sun on the first climb, 90f was the temperature and as usual no shade to be found. I decided to ride the loop counter clockwise to mix it up. Then threw in two hedgehog to Stargazer loops. I planned to to do two and was getting lazy and then I talked myself back into two and they both turned out to be pretty fun in the loop I made. I like riding the Hedgehog to Stargazer CCW thaqts for sure. I put some hurt on those loops and turned up a top 10 which surprised me. Then a pedal back to dynamite and a nice downhill to the car.

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