Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Goldish Area

   I guess I got adventurous and went and checked out a trail on the superstition foothills named Jacobs cross cut. It looked like a nice 5 mile run to Lost Dutchman and I could do some laps there and head back for a solid ride. I began on a decent trail that eventually reminded me most of a streamed of 1-5" rocks that made going pretty tough. I ket hoping it would get better and it did slightly but still was bouncing me all over the place and narrow trails bushed scratching and cutting me I had enough after 20 minutes and went for the car and decided to rescue my last hour down the rod at Gold Canyon trails. It was a short but enjoyable, a loop and then ran out of time and ran for the car. Felt pretty unfulfilled for whatever reason but lucky to be out riding. Just one more week of easy rides until me boy is out for summer and then I guess night rides are in order. 

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