Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ride Duder

   A local in the valley found me on social media talking about my YT Capra and turns out it eventually led to a ride. This Saturday we opted for South Mountain, a dope place to ride with a capra for sure. We were set to meet at 8am and I chose to get my wheels turning long before that with a 90 minute ride out and back on Desert Classic. A pretty bland trail for a while with some fun rollers, towards the end it gets a little technical and interesting. It was a Saturday and the trail was flowing with bikers and hikers. Busiest I have ever seen a trail, not my ideal place for a Saturday really. But I was happily pedaling around the Mountain on a good run. I met with Dominic my new bike homie and got the sweet pair of YT rippers rolling. I opted for Mormon to National but we ended up riding a sweet tech uphill out of Beverly Canyon that I cleaned as one of my best achievements here in Arizona so far, it was steep and rocky but I had grip and a mountain goat of a bike so it hauled right up beautifully. Then a nice rocky descent down to Desert Classic. I wasn't crazy about riding the trail I just rode with the rest of the mob but I had a riding partner and we were going to hit a jump he wanted to show me.
    We made it to the jump and it turned out not to be much, I wanted to go bigger but it could only offer so much, with a guarantee huck to uphill. A few hits and I was pleased with some pictures we got, wish I got more pics of me riding technical or catching air for sure, stoked to get some and his enthusiasm to make sure we got some. I was out of time since I said I could ride one hour with him so I could get home and hang with the kiddo while my wife got her studies done. I insisted he ride further and I turned around.
    Ran into a mechanical as the rear deraileur gave out somehow over nothing and got all twisted. Hanger totally fine I got things back the best I could and rolled home on a hard gear. Good ride, nice to have a riding buddy, hopefully we ride again.

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