Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Desert Trail Bike Park

     I like riding jumps, gaps and hard stuff, I don't do it enough, I ride a lot of xc almost always cause it keeps me out of trouble, but I never forget the thrill that comes with being challenged in an aspect of biking I don't visit often. I use to BMX a lot as a kid and grew away from it and took up skateboarding. I like to ride jumps and ladders and drops, I was excited to check out this place so I took me boy out to the play area and he absolutely loved it. While we were there we checked out the flow trails, they're more like dirt jumps, I don't know why but I never like lips jumps, they just don't feel great, these jumps were very lips with lips landings, bmx dirt jump style. Not that fun on my mountain bike I like more bigger gaps and drops but I gave it a go anyway. It went ok, I rode all the trails and was not feeling it, I much rather take Highland Bike park any day. But I was on a 29 rigid and it's been awhile so I will leave judgement to myself.

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