Monday, May 30, 2016

South Mountain Saturday

     Looking to get rowdy I headed off in the morning to a people packed trail head. I wanted to get back on Corona De Loma. This meant a pedal up Mormon trail, I cleared the big first pitch and way easier than expected, kudos to me! I actually could clean all or mormon now if i cared to I guess. Onwards to national, again enjoying gears and squishy making up most of it shockingly. Then to Corona, a chunky downhill to a wash and then a hike a bike for me to the top. Then one solid fun ride down, I need to do this more often! Loving the point and shoot on the bike but missing some of the finesse of my rigid, I could be a handful to even ride this trail rigid it's that coarse. Easy peasy ride back to the car on Desert Classic with a smile on my face, lovin it!

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