Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Back in the saddle

Well after a long 8 days off the bike I rode again! I said farewell to my mother in law on Monday and then said hello to my parents on Tuesday as they came to visit for Landons Birthday. It was a good stay and I remained off the bike to not cause a fuss until Saturday. Unluckily my wife came down with a horrific migraine and Saturday was now out of the question. This put my weekend into a funk but I patiently waited for Monday when my kiddo went back to school and papa got out! I wish I could have enjoyed it more but to be honest I have felt a little depressed to be back in Phoenix, I don't like it here at all. When tire hit the trail it felt very odd, I was still in a hot desert environment but had to remind myself I was not in southern Utah anymore. I seriously thought I was there for the first 10 seconds of the ride. Bit flustered but happy to have legs turning I did the full loop with some mapping and had myself a decent ride. It's still hot here but clouds and 80s made things better. Longing for Utah I need to just enjoy the bits and pieces I get of it on vacation.

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